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Binosaurs is a blockchain game about crypto-trading dinosaurs who live on the Binance Smart Chain. Collect your ultra-rare Binos, trade NFT's, play games, and explore the Binoville metaverse. 


BinosaursToken is a community driven utility token running on the Binance Smart Chain. Uses include staking, in-game purchases, and NFT minting. 

Token Name: BinosaursToken


Decimals: 9






Prehistoric Age

✅ Binosaurs Concept & Creation
✅ Creation of BinosaursToken
✅ First Edition Whitepaper
✅ Binosaurs Website Launch
✅ Project Promotion & Outreach
✅ Social Media Launch

First Steps

Q3 2021

✅ Completed DxSale Presale - 200 HC
✅ Reflective NFT Lottery Launch
✅ Project Audited by TechRate
✅ Initial Marketing Push
✅ Expansion of Team Bino
✅ Begin development of P2E Game
✅ CMC & CG Listing

The Evolution

Q4 2021

⚙️ Transfer Binosaurs to 100% 3D
⚙️ Launch BinoSwap/Farming
⚙️ Launch NFT Marketplace
⚙️ Upgrade NFT Functionality
✅ Website Redesign & Upgrade
⚙️ App 2.0 Beta Release

The Expansion

Q1 2022

⚙️ Special Release Holiday NFTs
⚙️ Cross-Community Promotion
⚙️ Expand Marketing Outreach
⚙️ Develop Strategic Partnerships
⚙️ Open World Alpha Release
⚙️ Even More NFT Functionality

The Space Age

Q2-3 2022

⚙️ Cross-Chain Expansion & Bridge
⚙️ Binosaurs Animated Series
⚙️ Centralized Exchange Listing
⚙️ New Casino & Lottery Games
⚙️ Updated Roadmap
⚙️ So much more!



Real Ownership

Every Bino you own has a purpose! Each item or character you hold is 100% owned by you and stored on BSC. Trade or transfer anytime. 


NFT Marketplace

Trade up, collect 'em all, get your Binos!! We've partnered with other marketplaces on BSC and we're also building our very own marketplace as well!


Prehistoric Club

Binosaurs is all about rewarding the community. With our Prehistoric Club VIP NFTs, you can get insider access and weekly rewards!


Open World Adventure

It's always an adventure in Binoville, and there's plenty to see and do all over town! Slated for release in the coming weeks, the open world Binoville metaverse will take these Binosaurs straight for the moon.

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Endless Possibilities

We've partnered with industry leading talent to build an experience that's never been seen on BSC before. As the metaverse develops, we'll be implementing fun and exciting DeFi tech across all of Binoville.

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Security Driven Protocols

Binosaurs has a team of solidity and development consultants. These leading experts help guide the project, which has been audited by TechRate.

Project Audit >>

Community First Development

Our solid community always comes first in Binoville. Come join us in the chat for daily updates, exciting news, and weekly AMA's with other engaged communities. 

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